Renaissance and Correct Answer

Topics: Florence, Renaissance, Lorenzo de' Medici Pages: 7 (782 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Points Awarded96.00
Points Missed4.00

The city became the first important center of the early Italian Renaissance. A) Vienna
B) Rome
C) Paris
D) Florence
Points Earned:4.0/4.0
Correct Answer(s):D

This artist is celebrated as the designer of the doors of the Florence Baptistery. A) Leonardo
B) Michelangelo
C) Ghiberti
D) Donatello
Points Earned:4.0/4.0
Correct Answer(s):C

Brunelleschi's contribution to Florence Cathedral was its famous: A) dome.
B) nave.
C) apse.
D) crypt.
Points Earned:4.0/4.0
Correct Answer(s):A

This Flemish artist painted the portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and His Bride. A) Van Eyck
B) Massys
C) Memling
D) Van der Weyden
Points Earned:4.0/4.0
Correct Answer(s):A

This Biblical character is the subject of Donatello's famous nearly life-size sculpture (and the first free-standing statue of a nude figure since Roman antiquity). A) Samson
B) David
C) Moses
D) Abraham
Points Earned:4.0/4.0
Correct Answer(s):B

The Biblical character is one of the subjects in Michelangelo's Pietá. A) Martha
B) Sarah
C) Esther
D) Mary
Points Earned:4.0/4.0
Correct Answer(s):D

This author of The Prince is considered the greatest Renaissance political theorist. A) Machiavelli
B) Mirandola
C) Dufay
D) Erasmus
Points Earned:4.0/4.0
Correct Answer(s):A

In the 1500s, the most important Christian humanist in Europe was: A) Mirandola.
B) Machiavelli.
C) Dufay.
D) Erasmus.
Points Earned:4.0/4.0
Correct Answer(s):D

Which of Christ's apostles appears three times in Masaccio's The Tribute Money? A) Peter
B) Stephen
C) Judas
D) Andrew
Points Earned:4.0/4.0
Correct Answer(s):A

Which member of the Medici family established and endowed an academy for the study of Plato? A) Piero
B) Giovanni
C) Lorenzo
D) Cosimo
Points Earned:4.0/4.0
Correct Answer(s):D

Which of these Biblical characters appear in Fra Angelico's Annunciation fresco? A) Peter and Paul
B) Moses and Aaron
C) Mary and the angel Gabriel
D) David and Goliath
Points Earned:4.0/4.0
Correct Answer(s):C

Among this artist's great works is The Birth of Venus.
A) Ghiberti
B) Donatello
C) Michelangelo
D) Botticelli
Points Earned:4.0/4.0
Correct Answer(s):D

Which of these works is fresco?
A) Leonardo's Mona Lisa
B) Michelangelo's David
C) Michelangelo's Pietá
D) Leonardo's The Last Supper
Points Earned:4.0/4.0
Correct Answer(s):D

Which of these influential residents of Florence appears in Botticelli's Adoration of the Magi? A) Cosimo de Medici
B) Aldus Manutius
C) Niccolo Machiavelli
D) Pico della Mirandola
Points Earned:4.0/4.0
Correct Answer(s):A

Who is the author of The Praise of Folly?
A) Erasmus
B) Cereta
C) Dufay
D) Machiavelli
Points Earned:4.0/4.0
Correct Answer(s):A

Who originated the method of printing from movable type?
A) Johann Gutenberg
B) William Caxton
C) Ippolita Sforza
D) Aldus Manutius
Points Earned:4.0/4.0
Correct Answer(s):A

Which of these works was placed in the Palazzo del Vecchio as a symbol of the civic power of Florence? A) Michelangelo's Pietá
B) Donatello's David
C) Donatello's Saint George
D) Michelangelo's David
Points Earned:4.0/4.0
Correct Answer(s):D

Who is the author Oration on the Dignity of Man?
A) Erasmus
B) Machiavelli
C) Cereta
D) Mirandola
Points Earned:4.0/4.0
Correct Answer(s):D

Guillame Dufay is best remembered as the author of The Praise of Folly. A) True
B) False
Points Earned:4.0/4.0
Correct Answer(s):False

Banking was the major source from which the Medici family acquired its wealth. A) True
B) False
Points Earned:4.0/4.0
Correct Answer(s):True

The artist known as Mossacio painted Madonna of the Rocks.
A) True
B) False
Points Earned:4.0/4.0
Correct Answer(s):False...
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