Remote Access

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  • Published : August 29, 2011
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Remote Access
Matthew Benack
Karen L. Paullet
ISSC481 IT Security Planning and Policy
February 20, 2011

Remote Access
Nowadays, computers are a part of everything that people use. We use them for news, communication, find information, online education, banking transactions and working on a computer in the office from across the world. Time and money are always issues in business so when things go wrong with technology or your computer how does it get fixed? This can be a problem especially if you are away from home or the office. The days of computer technicians being paid to fly cross country or around the world for three days to fix computers are obsolete. This has been replaced by remote computer support or remote access. Giving a person access to your computer from outside network can make a person uneasy. The best way to ease that uncertainty is to learn about the technology and understand it.

Remote access is a way for users and IT support to access a computer or network from a distant place away from the home server. This can also be used to make use of any resources like stored data or programs that might not be available on the computer that you are using. Most corporations that have employees that work from remote locations or work from home use some type of remote access. This is a valuable asset to the company because it does not always have to have a paid employee at the location to get the work done. With computers becoming a more common place item in business the benefits of using remote access keep on growing.

Many benefits of remote access have only become more prevalent as the stability and speeds of the Internet have improved and increased in the past five years. The first thing that comes to mind as a benefit is the essential software used by companies such as the Microsoft Office Suite or the Adobe Acrobat Suite. These are major players in the business world and are not cheap if you were to have to buy a copy every time....
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