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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Project Proposal – MIS 535

Enabling Telework and Secure Access

Douglas Molina
Keller Graduate School of Management

Subject of Course Project

Enabling telework and Secure Access

Business Problem Statement

Enabling telework enables businesses to be more flexible to operate more efficiently and to cut costs normally associated with maintaining a corporate location. Name of company or organization

DM Consulting is a business services consulting firm based out of Naperville, Illinois. They offer business services from accounting and finance consulting, management consulting, IT integration and custom application development. They have around 80 business consultants and 5 application developers that are 87% billed and are rarely in the office and are constantly on the road at the different client sites. Recently they have experienced an uptick in business consulting and application development work.

The corporate offices are located in a spacious building along Diehl road. However, the office is often times a ghost town and at a given time only has the COO, an accountant and the IT administrator showing up at the office for work at any given day. Consultants come in once a week to submit their time reports, retrieve data from the server or use the conference room to hold face to face meetings with prospective clients.

The information technology infrastructure consists of a t1 circuit to the internet and a cisco 2600 internet router. The corporate network is fairly built out. It is segmented into multiple vlans behind a Cisco Nexus 7000 switch. The network and applciations are segregated into internal and external.

Internal applications consists of back office applications like:

* Microsoft Sharepoint portal for sharing internal documentation and internal work files. Each employee have their own space to store documents * CRM Application to keep track of Customers and Clients

* Oracle Finance and Accounting applications...