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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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A Day That Will Never Be Forgotten
It was the morning of what was about to be a one the most significant days of my life, the date was December 11, 2010, my wedding day. I was still tired and jetlagged from the flight home from my deployment overseas just a couple days prior. It was about to be a busy day due to the fact that I had returned home a week later than planned and everything was going to have to be done at the last minute. Both my wife and I had a lot to do before we were to be wed that day. In an effort to save money since we were on an extremely tight budget both my wife and I had decided to plan and set up everything for the wedding ourselves. I got up early that morning in order to start cooking some basic and simple food for our wedding reception. As the house filled with smells of a savory roast and mashed potatoes, smoked sausages, teriyaki chicken and scalloped potatoes, my wife and I were planning out the rest of our day. After all of the food was prepared we headed over to decorate the reception hall. We set out all the food and began setting up tables and decorating. My wife being the creative woman that she was, had gone to Wal-Mart and bought icicle lights to hang up for decoration and lighting of the dance floor. It was beautifully decorated; we had the tables set up in the shape of a U leaving room for a dance floor in the middle. It was one of the most beautiful things I had seen. The dining area and dance floor were lit up like a bright starry night with white and blue lights twinkling overhead. The tables had white table cloths with vases sitting on them with white and blue flowers and blue glass beads in the bottom. After we were finished at the reception hall my wife met up with her bride’s maids to get their hair done and go to the chapel to get ready for the wedding. While my wife was getting ready I met up with my groom’s men at the cabin that my parents were staying at to get changed and ready for...
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