Remember the Titans: Understanding the Way of Life of People Affected by Racism

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  • Published : August 11, 2008
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The scene with the street riots in Virginia establishes the conflict between the two races in this environment and many other places similar to it, like that of Maycomb County (the setting of To Kill A Mockingbird). The way the two races are separated on opposites sides in the scene symbolises what the way of life is for each both the white and black people. This is similar to in the novel how the whites were prejudiced against the blacks, and the separations between the two races, but there is never a time where we read about the blacks physically retaliating to the whites remarks or action in the novel. We do however read about the areas in which each race lives and how separated from the other one each is.

In the bar scene when Mr Bill Yoast is addressing the football players and their father's the audience can single who is prejudiced and who is fair, Garry and his father for example are the most public racists there. This environment didn’t only exclude coloured people, but women were missing also, the bar scene usually seen as a mans area is dominated by the men and boys only. This is similar to ‘To Kill A mockingbird’ in different situations where blacks and women are put down, or left out. In the courts jury for example, twelve white, men, this one situation includes both racism and sexism. However the differences between the film and novel come down to the improvements different generations have made to overcome racism and sexism, from the 1930’s to the 1970’s. Women are more accepted in the 70’s and the government under Kennedy’s policy is working hard to cooperating coloured men and women into the workforce, which is now called positive discrimination, which basically means that the government was choosing the black people because yes they were qualified, but mainly because they were black.

The character Lewis after only appearing on camera for 10 seconds establishes himself as a neutral character that doesn’t care if a person is black or white...
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