Remember the Titans Team Dynamics Analysis

Topics: Leadership, Remember the Titans, Coaching Pages: 2 (754 words) Published: November 7, 2012
MGB 301 Video Case: “Remember the Titans”

Groups and teams are essential to current business objectives, so understanding how groups form and operate is a major focus of study in Organizational Behavior. The film Remember the Titans supplies a useful example for studying the life cycle of a group, as well as how external pressures can affect group formation and performance, both positively and negatively. Using details from the Titans growth and performance, we will discuss how conflicts affected the team, the effect of leadership on the group, the advantages and disadvantages of the particular demographic circumstances on the formation of the Titans, and how the team followed the general progression through the stages of group formation. Functional conflict is considered a constructive form of conflict. The functional conflict among the Titans was based on the creation of one team from two previous groups. The conflict between them stemmed from the solidarity of each prior group and the discrimination among the local area. Although the group were separate, they came together for the common goal of the team; which started as just a goal to win but progressed into the team being a role model for civil rights. The functional conflict influenced the flow of stages one and two, forming and storming. The relational conflict among the team was based in the interpersonal issues among the teammates, which interrupted the flow of stages one through three (forming, storming and norming). The head coach, Boone, offers equal treatment of all of his players. His authoritarian leadership style offered no favoritism among players based on race; even to those who had racial commonalities with him. All of the players were judged solely on skill and heart in the game. Gerry and Julius served as the two strongest members of the team as the previous group leaders. The team was not able to resolve their differences until Julius and Gerry resolved theirs. The two leaders...
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