Remember the Titans Is More Than a Film About Winning

Topics: American Civil War, Friendship, Herman Boone Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: July 16, 2011
Remember the Titans is more than a film about winning. The movie has many aspects to it and discusses many important issues including friendship, which was between Gerry and Julius, racial tolerance, which was shown among Julius and Emma and many historical facts. People say that the journey makes up the end and the movie displays this expression perfectly, winning was just a fraction of the film it was the many other important parts that make up the end.

A key component to the film was its historical references. Throughout the movie they mentioned the battle of Gettysburg and busing. During camp coach Boone and the Titans ran a vigorous course eventually leading to the memorial of the battle of Gettysburg. In July 1863 a war was fought because the American civil war wanted to stop slavery. He taught the team that they shouldn’t be fighting the same battle that black and white men fought centuries ago. Whenever the team was having difficulty they thought of that important moment. Another historical reference was the busing. Busing was the forced transportation of children away from neighbourhood schools to distant classrooms. In the movie Virginia was experiencing the same thing, they were learning to work together. All through the film they were learning to accept. Remember the Titans is more than a film about winning it was also about history. Racial tolerance was the most important and influential part of remember the Titans. Every scene of the movie was working on or confronting racial tolerance. Emma would not even shake hands with Julius when the busing was occurring. All through the movie she discouraged what Gerry was doing but as she realised that race wasn’t important she introduced herself. Another example of racial tolerance was at camp. Coach Boone forced the team to sit down and learn some important facts about the opposite race. As they progressed and learnt they became great friends. Another important thing came out of the camp. Friendship,...
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