Remember the Titans Film Review

Topics: Herman Boone, Remember the Titans, High school Pages: 2 (381 words) Published: June 25, 2011
Film Review

Remember the Titans

Remember the Titans is the true story of a Virginia High School football team, and also a town witch is dealing with racial integration on and off the football field. Given that this is a Disney film, no one should expect a completely true-to-life tale, but when it comes to the topic of racism, some parts of truth must be shown to have an effective film. 

The film begins with the integration of an all-black high school with an all-white high school. As a result, a black head coach, Herman Boone (Denzel Washington), takes over the high schools football team, much to the annoyance of the white players and coaches. He is taking up a huge role as a football coach and a leader as this is the first integrated football team. He meets with trouble everywhere – the coaches, players, and townspeople. No one wants him there except for the blacks and at first he doesn’t even want to be there himself 

This movie does well in showing us some of the hardships that Coach Boone went through, but is really corny and so unrealistic that at times it’s hard to believe. Kids go from a complete separation of the races to lifelong friendships with one another in little more than a few days and a couple “feel good” songs. This film takes us for unintelligent people and thinks we are five years old.

Despite some flaws which all movies have, Remember the Titans has its positive things as well. As a basic re enacted film designed to have emotional impact rather than enter into the racism issues, it is an inspiring true story of a coach, his team, and the town in which they live triumphing over racism and prejudice. Once you get over the way the characters are so calm for the situation they are in you begin to enjoy the movie and you can sit back in awe of what a good job Denzel Washington did. If you like simple basic films with simplifications of characters roles but enjoy a nice feel good film this would be the perfect movie for you....
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