Remember the Titans

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  • Published : November 22, 2011
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Vincent Donato
Group Comms. 9:30 M & W
Remember the Titans
1) Interdependence is the mutual reliance on one another between two or more individuals in a group. In a group or a team each individual is relying on one another to perform to a certain level of expectation in order for their team or group to succeed. With each individual of the group or team it is important to discuss the mutual agreement of what they are expected of. In Remember the Titans the scene where Gery and Julius after a 3-a-day practice talk about honesty. The conflict between them is seen in this scene. Gery is expecting for Julius to pull or push the opponent or do something to get past the line. While Julius responds for his expectation of Gery to be a captain and tell his “white buddy’s” to block for Rev better. With the continuing of this argument they finish by saying that if they both don’t perform what they are expected to, they will leave will leave one of their teammates out to dry including each other. By discussing what is expected of each other in order for their team to succeed shows example to how Interdependence is so important to achieve the ultimate goal they share.

4) Group Cohesion is the bonding between the group/team. With group cohesion it is the ability to bring the team or group together as one and to form a sense of unity in their group or team. With the successful ability to form this group cohesion, the feeling that an individual feels emotionally towards another member of the group/team and towards the group/team as a whole plays an important role in success. In Remember the Titans the locker room scene where they use verbal humor by calling an individual on a team “sunshine” because of his golden locks and also by trash talking about each other’s momma’s. This trash talking is the ability to joke around about a sensitive topic such as one’s mom but by this group cohesion that they are forming makes this subject not so sensitive. From the...
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