Remember the Titans

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  • Published : November 16, 2010
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Out of Class Movie Reaction: Remember the Titans

Remember the Titans’ is a movie based out of Virginia, it tells the story of a small town were one black and one white high school are closed and the students sent to T.C. Williams High School under federal mandate to integrate. While merging the schools were a big task, merging the two football teams was even bigger. Denzel Washington was giving the head coaching job at T.C. William high school the job was previously by soon to had been Hall of Fame Coach Bill Yoast. Denzel had to bring a group of white and black young men together doing a time period were racism was at its highest point. Denzel wasn’t welcomed by his community or his players but he was determined to make sure the team experienced racial harmony and triumph. The team wasn’t expected to do as good as they did with the school board thinking they would have many problems. However the boys came together after rigorous training during summer camp and became the face of what their community really did not want to see.

In one scene in the movie, the team was on their way to football camp and they were experiencing problems. So Denzel had a plan to bring Cohesiveness to the team. He made them all sit and room with a teammate of a different race. By the time camp was over each player needed to be able to tell the other players’ life story. Cohesiveness- is the goal of social dimension. I believe Denzel brought this out of his team by placing rules in affect that they had to abide by. Denzel was determined to get the boys to get along and he did just that by making them want to be together and by encouraging them to to develop compatible membership within the football team. In another scene two of the team’s best players went on a rant and begin to yell at each other. This was an example of Horizontal Communication- messages between individuals with equal power, such as office workers in the same department. In this situation it involved to football...
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