Remember the Titans

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  • Published : November 29, 2008
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"Remember the Titans"

Remember the Titans is a movie about victory. Personal victories, team victories, and victories over racism all combined with the victories won with embracing change and finding conflict resolution is what made this movie so enjoyable to me and also why I feel others would enjoy it as well. Remember the Titans is a movie based on true events that almost anyone can relate to. It is a sports drama that not only focuses on football and America’s love of the game, but the racial issues involved during the time the movie was set, as well. It centers on an integrated football team and the team members personal struggles to accept one another despite different ethnic backgrounds, in addition to trying to gain public acceptance. Remember the Titans is a great movie in the obvious plot, but also in the underlying message which little by little manifests throughout the movie. Nobody likes change, but it is something everyone must deal with at some point or another. This movie shows the victories that come out of accepting change and the consequences and hardships that may be faced by not accepting it. The movie shows how change affects everyone and how most don’t accept it initially because they fear what may possibly come of it. The white players were all afraid of losing their spots on the team to the new oncoming black players. The people in the community were all afraid the black people would come and make a mockery of their quaint little town. The white coaches were afraid the new black coaches would take their jobs or possibly “out coach” them. In each of these situations, the characters involved all had to learn to accept change and embrace it. Once each learned to do so, the outcome was a positive one every time. All the players, white and black, learned to accept and respect one another, and in return the Titans won the championship game, gained lasting friendships, earned the respect of the community, and brought the members...
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