Remember the Titans

Topics: Remember the Titans, Herman Boone, Bill Yoast Pages: 3 (740 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Jermey Lindsey
Professor Kennedy
HIS 109
20 Feb 2013
Movie Review
“Remember the Titans” was a movie produced in 2000 to depict the challenge young men back in the 1970s that had to overcome racial issues when three high schools in Alexandria, Virginia all moved into one T.C. Williams High School. As desegregations was happening throughout the city of Alexandria racial tensions grew amongst the community. Those tensions were made evident then the football players were buying for spots on the team. Also tensions were high when Herman Boone was brought in to replace Bill Yoast as the starting head coach and Yoast was made an assistant coach to Boone. While many residents struggled to overcome the racial barrier, the students of T.C. Williams overcame that barrier quicker than most. They had their struggles early when the football season began. There were several fights among the players especially when they were having practice in Gettysburg. But through all the trails and tribulations the players fought through everything became friends looking past the racial barrier and went on to win the Virginia Football State Championship.

This movie was based on true events that happened in 1973 in Alexandria, Virginia. Some parts of the movie however were not true like Gerry Bertier and Julius Campbell never actually fought each other in real life, they were close friends the majority of their life. For dramatic influence there was some stereotyping that went on in the movie, like that African Americans enjoyed singing out loud all the time. The movie does display both the white and African American sides of the struggle through the desegregation. It shows the struggles of African Americans trying to fit into a whole new life that has been available to them. White people had to fight through a new life where they were around African Americans and had to share things with them now. If I were the director of this movie I would implement some more of the...
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