Remember the Titans

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Remember The Titans

The movie Remember the titans is a great Disney movie directed by Boaz Yakin. This film depicts an everlasting sociological issue that has to do with race in America. The film takes place in the early 1970’s where blacks and whites had equal rights but blacks still faced the wrath of many white people who don’t agree with the equal rights. This hurts them in job opportunities and school placement. At T.C Williams high school in Virginia, Herman Boone has just been announced as the schools new football coach. Boone is an African American and the coach he is now replacing (Bill Yoast) is white. This causes an uproar around the school and the town but the government stands firm and permits Boone to be the coach. Although Yoast decides to take up the assistant coaching job at T.C Williams under Boone, The fact that an African American coach was instated meant that a once all white football team now is becoming an interracial squad. The question is, despite the race barrier can the team find a way to set aside differences and find a way to become a true team not one separated by racial barriers.

The football team leaves for camp one day where they head to Gettysburg for training. While the team is getting on the bus and on the trip you can feel the tension between the black students and white students building. When they get to camp, in order to ease some of the tension coach Boone makes the room situations so a black and a white player would be rooming together for the duration. He also makes them get to know each other as people and friends. At first this plan backfired, it caused fights and even more tension on the playing field. But as camp went on, the players figured out that the race issue is all just in their heads. Each and every one of them is on the team to accomplish the same goal and by the end of camp, most of the team understood that.

As the movie goes on the team gains a very strong bond among each other. Particularly one...
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