Remedial Teaching

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1. Supplying a remedy.
2. Intended to correct or improve deficient skills in a specific subject: remedial reading.denoting or relating to special teaching, teaching methods, or material for backward and slow learners Role of Remedial Teaching

In order to improve mathematics, effective remedial teaching is a must. Let us discuss.Remedial teaching is not re-teaching. Any remedy however costly or sophisticated is useless unless it cures the disease. A remedial teacher should have a mentality of a sympathetic doctor who has love and care for students. A. Identification:

a) Through academic achievement:
i) Class interaction: An under-achiever will give wrong answers frequently to the questions asked. He will appear to be confused. He may probably not respond to the questions asked in the class at all. ii) Home assignment: An under-achiever will not do the homework

. If pressurised to complete the work, he may resort to copying, which may be easily detected. i)                    Unit tests and term tests: He will show poor performance consistently in tests. He will either not attempt the question(s) at all or, will do cuttings and overwriting. He may even try to copy the solution to the problems from his peers. b) Through behavioural aspect:

i) Attitude towards academic activities: He will be disinterested in such activities. He will try to refrain himself from such activities. He will try to avoid discussion about academics with his peers or teachers. ii) Class escapism: He will try to bunk classes for one reason or another. He will give excuses for not attending classes. ii)                   Fiddle with notebooks

instead of studying: He will be found to fiddle with notebooks and books instead of studying. Once the under-achiever has been identified, the next step is the diagnosis of deficiencies.

B. Diagnosis of deficiencies:
a) Learning of concepts: His concept(s) related to a particular topic or formula is not clear. For example, the difference between 2x2 and (2x)2 may not be clear to him. b) Computational Skill: He may not be good at computations and thereby may gives erroneous results frequently while performing basic arithmetical operations and simplification. c) Procedure of solving problem: He is not clear about the procedure of solving problems and so he/she often gets wrong answers. d) Application of knowledge: He may not be able to apply the learned knowledge in different situations. For example, in word problems, he may fail to translate sentences into equations or identify the variables. Once, the deficiency has been diagnosed, let us explore the possible causes for the same.

C. Causes:
a) Memory: Individual capacity of memorising facts and figures. b) Understanding: Lack of comprehension-he does not follow what he reads. c) Presentation: Finds difficulty in expressing views-vocabulary is not sufficient. d) Knowledge Gap: Incomplete coverage units in the previous class-long absence. e) Parental background: Socio-economic status; education

f) Parental attitude: Indifference of parents towards studies; over-expectation. g) School Based: Lack of suitable equipment and environment in school-overcrowded class. h) Medium of instruction: Language problem.

i) Physical factors: Poor eyesight; poor audibility; illness and other problems. j) Individual factors: Good in oral tests but does not prepare notes and does not do home work regularly; not sincere in studies; very anxious but is unable to concentrate on studies; lacks self confidence; inferiority feeling; fear of failure; wants company of students who avoid classes; emotional instability. k) Teacher based: Lack of confidence in teacher; lack of time at teacher’s disposal; faulty method of teaching; does not encourage student participation in class; inadequate home assignments and problems for practice; improper way of correction of homework and of guidance to students at appropriate time and stage.; knowledge of the subject is not thorough;...
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