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  • Published : November 11, 2011
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(Doña Julia Vargas Vda. De Ortigas Foundation, Inc.)
 Plariddel St., Brgy. Doña Aurora, Quezon City

The Instructional Action Plan English Remedial is prepared for students who are academically challenged in English language and reading skills. The goal of the program is to develop English language communicative and reading skills because based on the results of the first quarter grade and the results of the Center for Educational Measurement (CEM) diagnostic test, many students have fallen to the point where it is felt that it is necessary to provide remediation in order to preserve the high level of proficiency in these skills that we require of our students. In this program, the English Communication department will present its instructional action plan for English Language and Reading Remedial program.

This remedial program will cover the four basic topics of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Associated skills such as grammar, style, and vocabulary will be used through these four topics, lessons will be built on instructional activities that utilize grammar and vocabulary while increasing student skills. According to Blanton (1998) “Students need to learn information on the lower levels before proceeding to the higher ones.” By providing materials at a level appropriate to the students and challenging the students to go beyond those skills in a sequenced pattern, the students will be able to be successful in the main program. The skills will be set such that the students are challenged by the materials without being overly burdened by them so that they will be able to be successful and motivated to continue the program.

Students will be required to perform at a level that is too challenging for them which will create undue stress and frustration and will interfere with their attempts to improve their skills. As Blanton (1998) continues “…by providing a particular kind of guidance called scaffolding, teachers can help children cultivate more advanced learning behaviors.” This scaffolding will provide the students with a study frame from which they can move ahead in learning English language and reading skills as well as develop better study habits.

Costs and Timetable
The program is for free. English teachers are more than willing to spend time with the academic challenged students in English language and reading. Furthermore, English faculty is so sufficient to teach the program. A number of materials selected will be from the school’s fund and from the pockets of the teachers.

The program will have to be able to provide instruction for 15 students only for effective results. The students are divided into three classes:
CLASS A-Grades one to three
Focus of Instruction: Reading Skills
CLASS B-Grades four to five
Focus of Instruction: English Language and Vocabulary
CLASS C-First year to third year
Focus of Instruction: Grammar, Vocabulary Skills, Comprehension Skills, and Literary Appreciation Skills

The proposed remedial program will consist of 10 Saturdays only from November to February.

The tentative schedule and remedial instructors are as follows: Focus of Instruction| Grade/Year Level| Instructor/s| Dates| Time| Reading Skills| Grades one to three| Ms. Solalia FabicMrs. Maribel de Guzman| November 12, 2011November 19, 2011November 26, 2011December 3, 2011December 10, 2011January 14, 2011January 21, 2011February 4, 2011February 11, 2011February 18, 2011| 9:00-10:00| English Language and Vocabulary| Grades four to six| Mr. Anatacio OcañaMs. Marivic TabuenaMrs. Marissa Pido(depends on her schedule)| November 12, 2011November 19, 2011November 26, 2011December 3, 2011December 10,...
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