Remeber the Titans

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  • Published : March 6, 2010
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Mini essay Task

Remember the titans
How is the theme of racism portrayed and addressed in the film ‘Remember the Titans’

The film Remember the Titans addresses the issue of racism through its portrayal of the American grid iron football team the Titans, which is forced through integration to break down the racist attitudes of team members and through their success on and off the field, improve the attitudes and behaviours of their local community. The message of the film is captured by the assistant coach Bill Yoast “Trust the soul of a man rather than the look of him”.

At the beginning of the film the football team is forced to integrate the black and white team members as a result of the decision of the school board of Virginia. Even the white coach had to deal with a black coach being made head coach. By the end of the film assistant coach Bill Yoast is able to identify the solution in the quote above.

Coach Herman Boom used a training camp situation to force the black and white team players to bond. The Bonding occurred through the gruelling training sessions, and through forcing the players to learn about each other by threatening harder training. The team went for a run through the woods to the Gettysburg battle ground where 3000 men had already died fighting for black rights this helped the team learn a greater understanding of the importance of equality.

However when the players returned from camp, race conflicts were still continuing and the players were forced apart once again by the community. This is displayed when Garry the team captain refuses to talk to his good (black) friend Julius “don’t talk to me, you’ve got nothing to say to me”.

After a fight at the school between a black team player and a white student, Garry and others decide to calla team meeting in order to bring the team back together. The teams desire to win over comes the community pressure to maintain the racial conflict.

After a series of successful games the...
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