Religous Symbols in a Worn Path

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  • Published : November 27, 2010
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“A Worn Path”
In the short story “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty, the main character Phoenix defeats many obstacles in her life. No matter what she goes through Phoenix is able to being her journey again. Phoenix symbolizes the mythical legend the Phoenix a special bird that has the ability to overcome anything to be reborn. Many believed the Phoenix has the ability to die and be born again, making the bird have eternal life. In the short story the main character Phoenix represents the legend, no matter what Phoenix goes through; she rises above all her problems and obstacles to rise above.

The main character Phoenix is an older woman that regularly makes long trips to town. These regular trips to town usually take Phoenix a full day to complete, and along the way she endures many difficult obstacles, “She makes these trips just as regular as clockwise. She lives away back off the Old Natene Trace” (Welty 99). This little old woman must constantly rise above the challenges put in front of her to finish her journey. Every trip Phoenix makes has a new challenge she must overcome and rise above, like the legend of the Phoenix. On one of her many trips to town Phoenix came across a dog, it startles her and causes her to fall.” She was meditating and not ready, and when he came at her she only hit him a little with her can. Over she went in the ditch, like little puff of milkweed” (Welty 97). Even though Phoenix fell into the ditch she doesn’t let that stop her she over comes the fall to rise and continue on. Just like the legend of the Phoenix, Ms. Old Phoenix does not let the obstacles before he slow her down. It takes Phoenix half a day to make it to town; half of her obstacles have been defeated. Once she gets to town she must return the way she came and make her journey all over again. Phoenix always rises above all the challenges put in front of her. Her return home was the last half of the obstacles, “She lifted her free hand, gave a little nod turned...
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