Religous Affiliation

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Chapter 1 The Problem and its setting


Every one of us has their own religion. Religion can merely define as a particular system of beliefs or worship of a god or gods. Religion itself has a great impact or effect towards an individual’s; it can be either personal or social problem. Different kinds of religious affiliations are spread out all over the world.

Students, as individuals have their own religious affiliations. These include Roman Catholic, Born Again, Iglesia ni Cristo, Ang Dating Daan and many more. These different religious affiliations have their own beliefs and different ways of worship. These religions can affect the students’ performance in school and even in their homes.

As days pass by, students have their own choices and decisions to make especially in choosing their own religion. The students may be guided in their choice of own religion by the following: their family’s choice of religion, friends or peers affect their own choices of religion, neighbors or her own preference, inclusion of religion subjects on school curriculum and many more.

The students religious affiliations can also affect their performance in school by students being committed to religious activities are least to develop vices; students became more responsible when they engage in religious activities and a lot more. Religion may also have bad effects like some students are obliged to attend various activities for their religion and some students forget to study their lessons and submit projects or assignments on time. That is why students must have a time management. They must balance their time between their studies and religious activities. Time management can help students to be organized in the things and activities they want to do. Religion itself is such a great aspect affecting one’s life.

So, in this study I want to find out how the NEUST high school students performance affected by their religious affiliations.

Statement of the Problem:

This study attempted to determine the effects of religious affiliations.

Specifically, this study sought to answer the following questions.

1. What are the religious affiliations of students?

2. In what ways may students be guided in their choice of religion?


3. How do religious affiliations of students affect their performance in school?

Significance of the Study:

This descriptive research is significant for the possibility of finding out how these religious affiliations affect the students’ performance in school.

This study tried to give prime importance to the effects of these religious affiliations.

• That this study will serves as baseline information in conducting research studies pertaining to the effects of religious affiliations.

• To students, to guide them to their choice of religious affiliations and give or help them to be a better individual.

• To parents, to be aware to their own choice of their religious affiliations and to help them gain insights about their choice of religion.

Definition of Terms:

The Different Religious Affiliations Effect to the students’ performance in NEUST-SIC as perceived by the fourth year High school students S.Y. 2011-2012.

• Religion- a particular system of belief or worship

• Religious-scrupulously faithful, devout

• Roman Catholic- is the world largest Christian association, led by the pope

• Iglesia ni Cristo-is an independent religious organization that came from the Philippine archipelago

• Ang Dating Daan- is a program in radio that tackles or discusses and even criticize the Christian association.

• Affiliation- a legal organization

• Peers- friends

• Choice- option/preference

• Time management- proper way of handling time...
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