Religious Visit to Planet Earth

Topics: Christianity, Religion, Bible Pages: 4 (1002 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Religious Life On Planet Earth

Kathleen Lawrence

Professor: Jermaine Marshall

Strayer University

REL 212 – World Religions

November 8, 2012

1. What is Religion?
Each person on planet earth has his or her own ideas about the meaning of religion. The overall impression one gets as a visitor to earth, is that religion is pretty much intrinsic to society and in most cases, is an interwoven foundation governed by a set of principles that guide people’s actions and dictate their morals and consciences. The concept of religion can be confusing as in the broadest sense, religion teaches love and non-violence, yet many religious nations are constantly at war with each other, going against the very tenets of religion. Thus, although religion is viewed as an overall tool to gauge people’s behavior, many use this very tool to enhance bad behavior. In essence, these people use religion to silence their consciences when they commit horrible crimes, by attributing those actions to their sacred texts. Upon closer examination, one sees different variations of religion within each group. Interestingly enough, the same religion within a group can be interpreted differently, thus members are divided accordingly within that group. For instance, strict followers of the Christianity, Judaism and Islamic Religions will not divert from their sacred texts (the Bible, Tanakh and the Quran), and are viewed as orthodox, others who employ the sacred texts to the modern world are viewed as liberals. The criteria I have chosen to gauge if people on earth are religious are 1) are they monolithic, 2) do they have a sacred text, and 3) what are their religious practices. I have chosen to focus on a fairly new-age religion practice called Rastafarianism to get a clearer picture of their background and view their connectedness to one of the larger religious groups called Christianity.

2. What is Rastafarianism?
Rastafarianism is a religious movement, originated...
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