Religious Violence in Nigeria

Topics: Local Government Areas of Nigeria, Nigeria, States of Nigeria Pages: 47 (15854 words) Published: September 4, 2012
Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review (OMAN Chapter)

Vol. 1, No.9; April 2012


Professor Adagba Okpaga1, Ugwu Sam Chijioke2, Eme, Okechukwu Innocent3 1

Benue State University, Markudi


Department of Political Science, Enugu State University of Science and Technology


Department of Public Administration and Local Government Studies University of Nigeria, Nsukka

The cycle of violence being unleashed on Nigerians by the fundamentalist group, Boko Haram has heightened fears among the populace and the international community that the hostility has gone beyond religions or political colouration. Going by the latest report from the Human Rights Watch (HRW), about 935 has been killed since 2009 when the sect began its onslaught on the country. The dangerous dimension the insecurity challenge has become a great source of worry as security experts affirm that what is on ground has shifted to the realm of terrorism, a global phenomenon where no one is safe. It is lamentable, however, that the security organizations have failed to tackle the challenges, even as they have become the target of terrorists who have never hidden their disdain for the intelligence and law enforcement community. By seemingly clueless, but promises are not enough. The populace demands a respite from this state of fear and insecurity. The coordinated assaults from the Boko Haram sect in the northern part of the country, besides making life miserable for Nigerians, is a danger to the unity and corporate existence of Nigeria. A multidimensional approach to tackle their threat must be urgently launched by the government. Keywords: Insecurity, Violence, Violent Crimes, Crime Wave, Security and law Enforcement Agencies

With at least 250 persons so far reported dead in the January 20, 2012 bomb attacks in Kano, indications are that the attempts to rein in the Islamic fundamentalists are inadequate or ineffectual, or both. According to reports, multiple explosives went off one after the other in Kano, in the usual manners of similar attacks by the members of Boko Haram sect in Maiduguri, Damaturu, Potiskum, Gombe, Abuja, and Madalla in Niger State. It is axiomatic to posit that there is a large consensus of opinion that government must find a quick-fix solution to the problem, and then a lasting solution. This is because there is no way government will continue to spend the huge chuck of money it had been spending on security without providing security to Nigerians. Some Nigeria and groups have been so incensed with the rising insecurity in the polity that they are calling for Jonathan’s resignation. There is also the belief that such calls will continue to rise until there is remarkable improvement in the maintenance of security in the land, as there is a rising impatience among the populace. The dangerous trend in insecurity came with Boko Haram, the Muslim fundamentalist sect, bombing everything within reach. It had no qualms bombing innocent people, even women and children who had inkling of what it is fighting about.


Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review (OMAN Chapter)

Vol. 1, No.9; April 2012

The atmosphere of insecurity currently pervading the nation is now worsened by the allegation of complicity among high-ranking security personnel. The Jury is still out as to whether terror suspect, Kabiru Sokoto, actually escaped but the manner in which the drama unfolded has given Nigerians cause for fear about the competence of those charged with the nation’s security. Unfortunately, if there is a cadre of officers specifically trained to deal with espionage and counter-intelligence, Nigeria are yet to see any evidence of that in the management of the current ugly situation. Only last two years during the Independence Day Celebration on October 1, bombs were detonated in Abuja, claming lives and destroying properties....
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