Religious Service Review

Topics: Christianity, Jesus, Religion Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: May 5, 2011
As I was born and raised in a Buddhist family, I have always followed and practiced the doctrines and beliefs of Buddhism. Buddhism has become one of the most dominant parts in my life which guides me to a fulfilled spiritual life and proper attitudes towards other beings. Nevertheless, throughout the course about world religions that I am taking, I have decided to experience some festivals and rituals in other religions as the way to get exposed to the cultural diversity of the world. Hence, for my religious service review, I have chosen to study Christianity - one of the most influential and widespread religions. Since I have a friend who is working as social volunteer in Holy Family Catholic Church (1957 Coolidge Street, San Diego, CA 92111), I decided to obtain my realistic approach to Christianity by going to a regular Sunday mass and joining in some youth activities on 11/22/09 to have a deeper and objective comprehension of Christianity. From the outside, Holy Family Catholic Church is apparently smaller in comparison to the other churches in San Diego. Contradicts to Buddhist temples, the artworks and sculptures in that church is humanlike and simplistic, which gives the feeling of reality and intimacy. Thanks to the small size and simplistic manner of the church, I really enjoyed the close-knit and friendly atmosphere it provided during the mass. In such a pleasant and welcoming environment, the lecture became so compassionate as well as exhibited itself as a coherent conveyor of the doctrines of Catholic. Since the Christian Holy Season is coming, the lecture was about the salvation of Jesus Christ, who is declared to be begotten by Virgin Mary in the power of Holy Spirit. He is the beloved son of God, who sacrificed himself to free the misleading human from enduring suffer and anguish, ascended to Heaven and will eventually return to Earth in power and glory in the Judgment Day. As human are born with a sinful nature and thus, get lost in this...
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