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Religious Service

By | September 2012
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Katie Chamberlain
Religious Service Review
June 12, 2012


Sikhism is a religion that was founded in India by Guru Nanak. This religion was then built upon the nine Gurus that followed him. Sikhism is the world's youngest monotheistic religion. It has it's own divine scripture win the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh Holy Book. Sikhism is a religion that is open to all, as they see every human being as equals.

The believe there is Only One God. Equality of mankind, freedom and liberty for all. Speaking out against injustice and standing up for defenseless people is considered a Sikh's duty. Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs are all forbidden.

Sikh men are identifiable by their distinctive turbans, even women wear turbans, just a smaller version to keep their heads covered. Women may also choose to wear a chumni which is similar to a scarf. It is a must that the Sikh's carry the five articles of faith, which include the Kirpan at all times. Not wearing one or more of the Five K's represents a serious lapse in the Sikh religion.

"Have, on your person, all the time, the five K's:
The Keshas (unshorn hair).
The Kirpan (sheathed article of faith).
The Kachhehra, drawers like garment may be made from any cloth, but its legs should not reach down to below the shins. The Kanga (comb).
The Karha (steel bracelet)."
-The Sikh Rehit Maryada (Code of Conduct)

The karha is a steel bracelet that is usually worn on the right hand, a reminder of the commitment to God. The kanga is a small comb that is worn in the hair, this represents the importance of discipline and is used to keep hair detangled and clean. The kirpan is the article of Faith that represents dignity and struggle against injustice. The kirpan is carried by a sling over the right shoulder. The kesh which is long unshorn hair refers to the keeping hair in the natural state represents living in harmony with the will of God. The kachhehra is boxer-like underwear that is...

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