Religious People Should Be More Concerned About Humans Than Endangered Species

Topics: Human, Endangered species, Extinction Pages: 1 (396 words) Published: May 31, 2013
Religious people should be more concerned about humans than endangered species

Religious people should be more concerned about humans than endangered species Endangered species have more right not to be killed than members of other species, endangered species whose numbers are so small that the species is at risk of extinction. Once the endangered animals are gone they won't come back. They are an important role in wildlife, if we take them out the whole system will be disrupted if some animals start to become extinct they could ruin the food chain and sometimes affect us or other creatures. If people kill too many mice, foxes get less food to eat, and there would be way too many bugs biting people, and there wouldn't be enough plants for all the bugs. Every animal has a purpose in this world if it is killed it won’t be able to fulfil its purpose and will ruin the dynamic of things. In my opinion I think that animals are creatures of god just like humans are. Animals should be kept well looked after as well as they were created by god also. Without animals we wouldn’t have a source of food, clothing or resources. Most religious people care about animals as god created them however each person’s view and take on things is different. For most of time Christians largely ignored animal suffering they believed that human beings were greatly superior to animals. They taught that human beings could treat animals as badly as they wanted to because people had few obligations towards animals. They believed that it was okay for the animals to be used and exploited so that humans could be benefited. They did not care if the animals were and the point of extinction just as long as they got what they needed. As they thought they had no soul. However, modern Christians generally take a much more pro-animal line. They think that any unnecessary mistreatment of animals is both sinful and morally wrong. They believe that animals should also be treated with love and care just...
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