Religious Notions of Evil and Moral Notions of Evil Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Topics: Religion, Morality, Ethics Pages: 4 (1221 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Religious Notions of Evil and Moral Notions of Evil are Not Mutually Exclusive Religious notions of evil and moral notions of evil are not mutually exclusive. This paper defines religion, morality and evil, and explains how religion and morality are compatible and have similar characteristics. Despite the compatibility, they also have their differences but this does not make them mutually exclusive in my opinion. This paper also makes use of ‘Love and Law’ by Alison Gopnik to explain the commensurability between religious and moral notions of evil. Gopnik explains the mind of a child and how children are innately empathetic. She shows how morality is grounded by empathy and creative examples and scenarios.

Religion is a specific set of beliefs and practices that are generally agreed upon by a number of people. These set of people are devoted to these practices. Religion is very complex and includes social institution and morality. People who do not belief in religion sometimes label it as superstitious. Many religions categorize evil under sin and believe that evil exists from mankind rebelling against God. There is an assumption that man has freewill and as such, he has the choice of doing good or evil without intervention from God. Religious groups and moral philosophers have similar criteria for vehement condemnation of evil doers.

Morality, in a descriptive sense, refers to the values, norms and code of conducts that determine right or wrong. Wrong doings are considered to be morally wrong. Evil is known to cause harm and can be triggered by anger or irascibility. Religion and morality are closely intertwined and inseparable. Majority of people who believe in God are likely to have respect and concern people than those who do not. Those who have no religious philosophy usually have different moral viewpoints. Morality does not require religion but religion requires morality. Morality can stand alone without the influence of religion and still have...
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