Religious Holidays

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Religious Traditions
To understand the relationship traditions with divine one needs to know what divine is. People tend to have either strong beliefs in the religions in which they were brought up with. It is natural for parents to teach their children the same beliefs that they were raised with, alongside some added or deleted beliefs the parents have form throughout their life hood. Christianity is believes in a divine being while other religions may not believe in one supreme being but many supreme beings, and yet another does not believe in a divine source at all. Each religion has their traditions from a special day of worship to a certain way to conduct pray. The most popular day of worship in the Sunday for most Christians, while others it is Saturday. Some religions do not partake in the Christmas tradition to celebrate the birth of Jesus while other do celebrate on a spiritual level, nonetheless there are those that just celebrate it for the holiday itself without belief of the spiritual side. Define the meaning of “divine” is to have a belief in a supreme being. But this is just one of many definitions. For example using the word divine as an adjective can describe the subject as being godlike i.e “a divine person” or as a noun one would be referring to a clergyman, or God. Divine can also be used as a verb to perceive prophesy. Divine is perceived differently in each religion. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-Saints believes that God, the Eternal Father and his son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost, are separate entities, where as the Episcopal religion believes in the trinity, God the Father, God the Son(Jesus Christ) and God the Holy Spirit, three and yet one.
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