Religious Discrimination

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The Importance of Religious Discrimination & Sexual Harassment Laws in the Workplace

The Importance of Laws in the Workplace
Rights as an employee vary from job to job, however there are basic rights that exist for all employees. All employees have a right to be treated fairly, have a safe environment to work in, be free from discrimination and to be free from harassment. There are laws that have been established to insure that these basic rights are protected. Among these are laws against religious discrimination and sexual harassment. Not only are they important, they are essential.

Laws pertaining to religious discrimination and sexual harassment are important in the workplace because they set a standard to be followed. Religious discrimination is defined as discrimination of an employee based on religious beliefs or practices. Religious discrimination can also be filed against an employer because adequate accommodations are not made by an employer for an employee. ((2008). R. Mathis, Human Resource Management. Mason, OH: Thomson South-Western.) Sexual harassment is broken down into two categories; quid pro quo is when your employment outcome is linked to the compliance or noncompliance of a sexual demand. The second is hostile environment which is when an employee is subject to unwelcome verbal or physical sexual behavior, including requests for sexual favors and other conduct of a sexual nature that is either so severe or pervasive that it adversely affects her or his ability to do work. ((2008). R. Mathis, Human Resource Management. Mason, OH: Thomson South-Western.) With all of the focus on sexual orientation and sexual preference today it is very important that employees and employers are educated on what is acceptable and what is not. Sexual harassment is a violation of human rights and it affects employees, employers and the society as a whole. Research has shown that workplaces in which harassment is allowed are likely to have a sharp...
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