Religious Development in China and India

Topics: Hinduism, Buddhism, Religion Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: December 12, 2007
Religious Development in China and India
Religion is one of the biggest driving forces in History. Different cultures have different religions, causing differences in morals, and points of views, creating conflict. Even more important is the development of religion in different regions of the world. The development of religion means a spread of new ideas and traditions within a culture. Two Cultures that display Religious development are the Chinese and Indian cultures. The development of Chinese religion is significant by influence from other cultures. Early in Chinese culture, around the time of the Qin, the Chinese created religions completely independent of any other religions in the world. Confucianism and Daoism are separate from other world religions popular at the time because they were more philosophical than religious. Other religions in the world at this time were mainly monotheistic, like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Each of these three religions centered around the worship of one God, all influenced by each other, and are very similar. Where as the Chinese religions are more of a philosophical way of living and understanding of life, and moral values. Then later, with the arrival of the silk road, came influences from other cultures, and introductions to a new religion, Buddhism. Buddhism is a religion from India, that appealed to China probably because of its similarity to its own religions. This religion was also philosophical in that it provided a guide to living life and achieving the afterlife, but also, did not center around a God. Buddhism was brought by two missionaries to China through the silk road from India. As Buddhist teachings became more widespread in China, it became one of the three predominant religions in Chinese culture. When Chinese isolation was penetrated by other cultures through the silk road, new religions were introduced and incorporated into the unique, already existing religions and lifestyle of China. Indian...
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