Religious and Ethnic Diversity

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Religious and Ethnic Diversity|
Lavetta Hayes|


The Mormons believe that there were Jews in America and that Jesus came to America and not the Middle Eastern holy land. They also believe that the founder of their religion learned this information and other founding values of the Mormon religion based off of some golden tablets that came down to him from heaven. Personally, I think that those particular beliefs are kind of crazy. However, one of the more interesting beliefs that the Mormons hold is that when they die and go to heaven. They will be reunited with all of their family, including past family members. Because of this particular belief, the Mormons keep very meticulous genealogical records of their families, so that when they do enter heaven they will know who their family members are. There is a genealogical library in every Mormon Church and followers of these churches will often spend hours at a time in these libraries researching their families. To my knowledge, no other mainstream Christian religion keeps such good track of all possible family ties. * The LDS (Latter-Day Saints) church has seen a lot of prejudice against their beliefs. Even from the beginnings of the religion, many societies have disagreed with their views. Because of this disagreement and over all fear and misunderstanding of the religion, the followers of the religion have been asked to leave many states. In one particular case, there was actually a war between the state of Missouri and the followers of the church. * Throughout history, only until the 20th century, most of what the Mormons experienced with other religions was ostracization and fear. Even after the war that had occurred in Missouri, they still found persecution to the places they emigrated to until they finally settled in Utah. Because of all of the mistreatment, this has caused Mormons to be a very tightly knit community that is very secretive to outsiders. Many Mormons keep their religion to themselves and their church congregation. * One of the most recognizable things that the Mormons have brought us is their incredibly famous, and very talented Mormon Tabernacle Choir. This choir has won multiple awards including a Grammy and Emmy for their performances. They have performed for multiple presidents and even at the Olympics. They have released multiple albums of famous hymns and toured all over the world. This choir has played an important role in helping the overall image of the church. * The Latter Day Saints also boast one of the best genealogical libraries in the country, due to their beliefs about family, and are major supporters of The Boy Scouts of America. Many BSA troupes across America are funded by a local Mormon church and the National Church awards BSA money every year so that they may continue their efforts. The major genealogical libraries of the LDS churches are constantly growing. The Mormons are also known for building and maintaining extremely gorgeous churches in major LDS communities, many of which are in Utah, but there are also large, glorious churches in Las Vegas, New Mexico, and various areas in Southern California. The Mormons have seen a lot of persecution in American history. When the religion was originally founded, most communities thought that they were strange and like other religions before them (Judaism in Germany, Paganism in the Dark Ages, and what some places in America are trying to do to Sharia Law), the religion was ostracized. This led to a great migration of the Mormon people to Utah, their Zion. They found peace there for many years, but as the times changed and society changed, people once again questioned the Mormons for their oddness. People today still think the Mormons are odd but on the grander scheme of things, they have not come in to light since the 70’s. The world has bigger things to be prejudice against today so there is no point in currently questioning...
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