Religiou Fundamentalism

Topics: God, Religion, Faith Pages: 4 (1307 words) Published: May 23, 2013
In the following essay we will be looking into what is meant by religious fundamentalism by looking into four fundamental notions that came from an era that had been interested in the investigation and exploration of modernity and a free way of thinking for the individual. These four fundamental notions are identified as rationalization (intellectualization), the idea of disenchantment, enlightenment and secularization. The essay will closely link these to Weber who was a socialist and was interested in these concepts in defining religious fundamentalism. Weber believed rationalization was the freedom given to an individual, to explore their own thoughts; his ideas of rationalization from the pre modern era when the ability to reason and autonomy was left aside for the exclusive and the elite that were pointed out by God (Weber; 1987, 126). Reason is how man could be civil and make choices with justification yet in a very responsible manner. According to Gellner, individuals are tidy and orderly in thought to think out for themselves what would be the best way to act in a given situation and make a choice that would be reasonable (1992; 38). Disenchantment being also a way of freeing one’s strains from obligation was described by Weber as an idea that pushed aside monotheistic religion as something that was irrational; therefore delegitimizing religion was a unifying worldview in the modern secular world (Weber; 1987, 100). All these concepts will be made clear in the following paragraphs of this essay, included will be the above two that haven’t been defined, secularization and enlightenment as these will link our essay to modernity.

Secularization was linked and played a huge role in aiding and insuring the cultural shift in societies. This follows rationalization and development of science as it became ideal to individuals than religion. This according to Weber is what disenchantment is. “Modern science has relentlessly deconstructed other value-creating...
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