Religions Are Beneficial Both for Individuals and Society.

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  • Published : February 29, 2012
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Religions are beneficial both for individuals and society.
As there are more and more debates about religions in the world, I think it’s high time that we should express our thoughts of this issue. Many people hold the opinion that religions do more harm than good to the individuals and society. But for me, I firmly speculate that religions are both useful to the individuals and to the society! In this essay, I will mainly take Judaism as an example. To start with, I would like to define the religions I’m talking about. Religions have developed certain religious belief, religious emotion, and certain corresponding theory, regime, and also rules of themselves. That is a kind of culture, which is different from superstitious belief. Believers of religions regard the doctrines as their opinion of the world but not a tool to attain money to support life. The religions appeared when there were some mysteries which couldn’t be explained by human beings and thus became a kind of belief. They took people out of the scary of death and gave people the hope that life will be better. The appearance of the religions is an inevitability in the process of the development of human beings. Next, I’d like to confirm that religions are beneficial to individuals in these following aspects. Firstly, having belief in some religion helps people keep a kind heart and get rid of evils, such as greed, jealousy, selfishness, etc. As the doctrine of the Judaism goes, “the fifth, honour your father and mother; the sixth, do not kill; the seventh, do not commit adultery; the eighth, don’t steal; the ninth, do not make false statements; the tenth, do not covet everything.” These basic rules demonstrate that people should persue kindness and true love. The contents that people should abandon evil and encourage goodness in the doctrine broad masses of believers in pursuit of good morals. Secondly, the religion’s own doctrine and ceremonies also keep people in a pure condition...
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