Religion Within Robert Frost's Work

Topics: Life, Meaning of life, Death Pages: 4 (1276 words) Published: December 16, 2011
Religion in Robert Frost's Poetry
Religion and poetry are things that are not usually used hand-in-hand. The great thing about poetry, however, is that you can get your point across in a few lines and make yourself heard while leaving many different interpretations to be available. Religion, much like poetry, can be understood and interpreted in many ways. These two forms of expression can even shed light on people who might need that guidence or motivation to improve themself or another. In such poems like "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost, we get the sense that he trys to portray a meaning of direction. Which path we chose ultimatly leads us along a certain journey, whether that is either the right one or not. "Stopping by Woods on a Stormy Evening" also by Robert Frost, seems to be another way of saying we should enjoy our life and even the small things or the unexpected. Sometimes Life can be over-whelming, and drops things on us that we either cannot handle or find it very difficult to overcome, and we just need a refreshment to liven things back up and get us to rightful standings. This seems to be the thought in "After Apple-Picking," written by Robert Frost. Thats the beautiful thing about religion, that almost everyone is curious about it, likes something about it, or even finds controversy over it. Poetry is much the same, and Robert Frost tends to sum up a lot of social issues and even life lessons that some people often look past, or completely ignore, within his work.

"The Road Not Taken" is a poem that reflects everyones life and journey through it. Robert Frost talks about looking down two paths and try to see as much as he can down them. We tend to do the same when it comes to religion. In everyones life, we all get that moment where we either choose to follow God, or completely ignore him. Granted that decision could come twice or more in a lifetime, buit it's what we ultimatly choose that is the key to our future. In...
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