Religion vs Science: the Creation of the World

Topics: Bible, Universe, Earth Pages: 3 (965 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Creation of the Earth: Scientific and religious facts
The World has its own history of how and when it was created and sometimes is hard to believe what is real about that history. Science exposes the truth with arguments based on experiments. However, religion, specifically christian, explain this history by believing in faith. Both paths are fair and justified, but still, science highlights more. Science can explain how the World works in all of its aspects like macro external and micro external; but based on research, science has only one sustainable theory of how and when the planet Earth was created. The word earth has its own etymology, “Earth is Old English and German in origin, related to the Old Saxon ertha, the Dutch aerde, and the German erda” (Norris). This is very important to know because it’s giving proof that for a long time there have been people investigating about the origins of our planet. The creation of Earth in a scientific view has one very important theory: the Big Bang theory. George Lemaitre said: “If the universe is expanding, in the past would have occupied an increasingly smaller space until, at some original point, the entire universe would be concentrated in a "primeval atom"”. Lemaitre was a priest and never doubted his beliefs, but still knew that science is essential to know and comprehend the origins of the world. So he did trust in science, maybe even more than his own religion, because if there is not and understanding of the world by its aspects and functions it’s impossible to know the truth. George Lemaitre used science to figure Earth out, and even when he called his achievement “God particle” what he did here was not only try to imposed his beliefs, but also got out of what was real. Why did he give God the credit of creating the atom that made the world surge? Wasn’t God perfect and good enough to make the planet by his own like the Book of Genesis in the Bible explains it? Lemaitre combined both beliefs. Religion...
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