Religion-State Relationships in History.

Topics: Nazi Germany, The Holocaust, Nazi Party Pages: 4 (1244 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Religion-State Relationships in History.

Question: Can the Catholic Church be blamed for not helping the Jews during the Holocaust?

Hypothesis: The Catholic Church did as much as it could at the time to prevent as much “suffering” as possible for the Jews in the Holocaust.

This Report explores the conflict that can arise between the Catholic Church and State Governments, particularly the conflict seen during the time of the Holocaust. The Catholic Church cannot and should not be blamed for not stopping the Holocaust and for not doing enough to help the Jewish population. This report will explore the Catholic Church’s role during this time in history, including the role of Pope Pius XII and reasoning behind the perceived lack of action by Church members.

It is estimated that about 6 million Jews died at the hands of the Nazis as well as around 800,000 Gypsies and almost 4 million Soviet prisoners of war or victims of the occupation.

The relationship between Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust has long been disputed, with some scholars arguing that he kept silent during the Holocaust, while others have argued that he saved thousands if not tens or hundreds of thousands of Jews. Pope Pius XII's actions throughout the Holocaust remained controversial. For much of the Shoah (Holocaust), he maintained a public front of indifference and remained silent while German killings were committed. He refused Jewish pleas for help on the grounds of neutralization, while making statements condemning injustices in general. In addition, privately, he sheltered a small number of Jews and spoke to a few select officials, encouraging them to help the Jews. Pope Pius XII helped these Jews behind the views of Hitler because he knew that if Hitler found out he was helping Jews then Pope Pius XII would have been killed either by Hitler himself or one of his men.

The Pope finally gave a reason for his consistent...
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