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Religion HW
Pg.86-96 Outline
The Incarnation:
* The incarnation can be defined as the “fact that the son of God assumed a human nature in order to accomplish our salvation in it.”

By the power of the Holy Spirit:
* Incarnation occurred through the power of the Holy Spirit. * The child to be born will be called holy, The Son of God. * The action of the Holy spirit in Mary gives humanity the great gift of “Emmanuel.”

From all Eternity;
* In Mary’s womb Jesus’ conception began earthly existence of the Son of God. * The angel Gabriel’s announcement to Mary that she would give birth to Jesus is known as Annunciation. * Jesus Christ=second person of trinity.

Mary’s Role in the incarnation:
* In order for carnation to occur the eternal word of God needed a human mother. * This women was Mary of Nazareth

Mary’s Immaculate Conception:

* The solemnity of the immaculate conception of Mary is celebrated on December 8, a holy day of obligation. * God allowed Mary to be conceived without original sin.
* She was redeemed from the first moment of her life and remained free from all personal sin throughout her life.

Mary’s Perpetual Virginity:

* Jesus was conceived in Mary’s womb through the power of the holy Spirit. * Mary become pregnant with Jesus while remaining a virgin. * Mary is a spiritual mother to all of us.
Mary’s Assumption:

* Mary had the honor of carrying the physical presence of Jesus into the world. * When she died, God did not allow her body to decay.
* Eastern Catholics, orthodox Christians, and Roman Catholics all celebrated this end to Mary’s life.

Jesus: The word made fresh:
* This “word” is jesus, and with God the father in heaven for all eternity along with the holy spirit.

God prepared Humanity for the Incarnation:

* The old testament tells the history of God’s self-revelation to humanity. * It shows god’s help such as guidance, corrections,...
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