Religion in Robinson Crusoe

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Religion in Robinson Crusoe
Daniel Defoe’s published the book in 1719. It talks about the life and adventures of a young boy about eighteen years old called “Robinson Crusoe” from England. Crusoe's father wants him to be a good, middle-class guy. Crusoe, who wants nothing more than to travel around in a ship, is definitely not into this idea. He struggles against the authority of both his father and God and decides instead to go in an adventure on the sea. After sailing around for a while, he makes a bit of money in trade, but then is caught and made into a slave off the coast of Africa, and then he escaped with a friend. On a voyage he gets shipwrecked and he left alone on a deserted island. Crusoe finds strength in God, which he has been reacquainted with while on the shoals of secularism he meets with Friday, a native man whom he is able to rescue from the cannibals. Crusoe teaches Friday English and converts him to Christianity. The two become like father and son (more or less). Friday and Crusoe also rescue a Spaniard and Friday's father from a different group of cannibals. Crusoe then returns to Europe with Friday, where he comes into a great deal of money from his sugar plantations. Crusoe gets married and eventually revisits the island in his late years. The novel ends with promise of more adventures for him in the sequel. My argument will be about “the religion”. How does Crusoe use the religion? Crusoe's conversation with his father about leaving home can be interpreted from a religious perspective as well from an economic perspective. Crusoe repeatedly refers to leave home without his father's permission as his "original sin". He does not only associate God and his father but also regards his sin against his father as a sin against God; also on the other hand he teaches Friday about religion and he helps Friday’s father when he is sick, but also Crusoe does wrong decision when he sent Friday’s father away and took Friday away from his family instead...
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