Religion Extremism

Topics: Islam, Middle East, Terrorism Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Religion extremism can be related to terrorism because the terrorists think that because of their religion they have to cause terror. An example is the boston Marathon bombers, they feel because they are muslim and that their father Anzor wanted them to embrace their religion and not be embarassed by it. The bombing suspects say they are not part of any islamic terrorist groups and they they were just trying to defend islam from attack from the U.S.A. Also that suspected boston bombers they say they were motivated to do what they did from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan This is very similar to the New World State because all of the alphas in the story are controlled by their love of soma the drug. This fictional drug in the story will make you feel very relaxed and you won’t care what your doing while you are on soma.

In Canada we are have a religion and we follow those religion by either eating certain foods or not eating certain foods, having different holidays and by going to Church. In the Brave New World they have none of this. Since they are all the same and don’t have any feelings or emotions they have no religion like we do in Canada. The only thing the people do in the New World State that is religious is taking Soma. Every week they have a Solidarity Service in a church and they religiously sit as a group and all take soma and chant songs as a group. I think they do this because they are all forced to try to feel as one and not be different then each other.

The countries Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia all have a strong religious demographic. A lot of people say that they take religion to the extreme. I think this is because the government in these countries are all communist and are ultra right wing. it seems that all of these countries are in the middle east and a good amount of the suspect terrorists have a relation to these countries. I think this is because the government in these countries control everything the citizens to...
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