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Topics: Death Penalty, Crime, Capital punishment in the United States Pages: 3 (772 words) Published: February 15, 2012
Buddhism: The death penalty is a clear form of revenge. It is a severe form of punishment because it is so final. The human life is ended and the executed person is robbed of the opportunity to change, or restore the harm done. Before supporting execution we should consider whether criminals are naturally negative and harmful people and whether they will always remain in the same state of mind in which they committed their crime or not. The answer, is definitely not. However horrible the act they have committed, it is believed that everyone has the potential to improve and correct themselves.

They believe that capital punishment not only fails to serve as prevention to violence and murder, but that it encourages the seeds of violence that exist within each of us.

Christianity: In 1959, the 171st General Assembly, noted that 'the use of the death penalty tends to brutalize the society that ignores it...'

In spite of a common saying, 'an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,' does not give explanation for the imposing of the penalty of death...

The Evangelical Lutheran Church, stated the death penalty distracts us from our work toward a just society. It deforms our response to violence at the individual, institutional, and systemic levels. It continues the cycles of violence...

Hinduism: Hinduism is full of compassion and forgiveness. Leave aside human beings, they are supposed to be kind even to insects and animals. They are not supposed to kill a small insect. Therefore, taking the life of a human being is a very big issue. Their Hindu dharma is clear that use of violence against anyone is not allowed. Their scriptures supports the principle of nonviolence."

Mahatma Gandhi, a former Indian religious and political leader, in an Oct. 16, 1916 letter in the Modern Review on the topic of Ahimsa, a Hindu philosophy of non-violence, he wrote:" By birth I am a Vaishnavite and was taught Ahimsa in my childhood ... Ahimsa means not injuring any...
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