Religion: Buddhism and Vietnamese Consider Buddha

Topics: Buddhism, Religion, Gautama Buddha Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: April 30, 2013
How does religion affect the culture of a country? Give examples. There are many religions in the world. Each religion has different beliefs. Also, a country may have different religions that affect the culture of that country. Let get Vietnam as an example. Almost all Vietnamese are Buddhist. Buddhist religion creates a lot of traditions and Vietnamese norms. Vietnamese consider Buddha is the greatest God; he sacrificed himself to find the way to overcome human sin. Vietnamese believe in the next life. If you a lot of good things in present you will get a better next life time. On the contrary, if you do bad things or treat people badly, you won’t be able to continue your next life and you will get a punishment suitable to your offences. So, Vietnamese always try to be as good as they can. In addition, Buddhist values the respect the Buddhist priests, the elder and other people. One way to show our respect is taking soft not raising voice and being silent when other is taking especially the elders. We don’t talk back or cut their conversations. It is like in class, students don’t have a lot taking, questing teachers. Students are silent listeners of the teachers and they are taking notes. Another effect of religion is that a lot of people keep a vegetarian diet all year round. Buddhist don’t eat meats or fishes, they eat vegetable instead. Because they believe that all animal are living too and no man is having a right to take away their life. It also is a sin for them. The next effect is Buddhist holidays and ceremonies become the national days. Vietnamese have a lot of holidays that come from religion such as the Buddha’s birthday, the ancestors’ day who were the founders and built up Vietnam many thousand years ago, the day for the children to show gratitude to their parents according to the story of Buddhist. These are some examples how Buddhist religion effect my culture. Religion is one of the most important parts of Vietnamese culture. I like to......
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