Religion and Race

Topics: Hispanic and Latino Americans, United States, Hispanic Pages: 4 (1184 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Individual Assignment-Religion and Ethnicity
Thoai Thanh Nguyen
ETH/125 Due Date: 17 March 2012
Instructor: Dr. Liz daRosa

The United States has been known as a melting pot whereof people live here come from all parts of the world. People carry with them the cultures, religions and customs. The United States is the most diversified nation on earth. It is because of the mixing nature of American society, people have the need to find ways to identify themselves among many other Americans. Ethnic back grounds and religions have been the two dominant factors people use to distinguish themselves with other as stated by Shaefer “an American today is surrounded by remnants of cultures and practitioners of religions whose origins are foreign to this country. Ethnicity and religion continue to be significant in defining a person’s identity.” (Shaefer, 2012, p.116).

Like many other religions, Roman Catholics believe in the creation theory which says that all things have been created by a super being which is God. However, there are many differences in principles, practices and values held between Roman Catholics and others. For example, Roman Catholics do not believe that men should have more than one wife while Muslim allows men to have more than one wife. The way Roman Catholics pray in church are different than the way Muslims pray in the mosque. One of the biggest controversies that Roman Catholics have with other religions is about prayer in school. This has been an on-going case for more than a decade and it will escalate into the future as the United States becomes more diverse. Today, Roman Catholic is the largest denomination in the United States with 68,503,456 inclusive memberships (Shaefer, 2012, p.134 Table 5.1). With the highest member comparing to other religions, Roman Catholic has been a shaping influence for American culture. It has been shown through numerous movies such as Passion of The Christ, the God Father...etc. People bring pictures and...
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