Religion and Homosexuality

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  • Published : January 15, 2013
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Religion and Homosexuality
Michickia Richardson
Ashford University


In the past two decades, homosexuality has become a controversial topic in the United States. Many Americans have been arguing the fact that God created them that way. We have begun to see the very beginning of the battle for gays and lesbians. Since the 1950’s, and more so since the rebellion at the Stonewall Inn in New York in 1969; the U.S. has experienced a growing gay and lesbian right movement (Fone 2000). In order to comprehend what the Bible says about gay and lesbians relationships, we must pass over the references to homosexual rape, male sexual abuse to bouys, homosexual prostitution, and same sex orgies by heterosexuals.

With the continuous growth of homosexuality in this secular centered society of America, we the people are forced to value the importance of sexism and discrimination of same sex relationships. With homophobia (fear of or contempt for lesbians and gay men), being a hot topic all over the world where people question if Religiosity can cure homosexuals to return back to their natural sex preference just as God wanted them to be? Some theologians say yes, and some say no. So, in this paper I hope to give a clearer explanation to the question about being cured from homophobia. We need to get a clear understanding of what is Religiosity. Most people term for Religiosity is a comprehensive sociological term that is used to refer to countless aspects of religion doctrine such as religious activity, dedication, and belief. Attending homosexual practice is an increasing high rate of negative side effects as regards to the understanding of psychological conflict between homosexuality and religion, health, (sexually transmitted diseases, mental health problems, and shortened life expectancy), and relational dynamics (short term relationships and high numbers of sex partners). Approving homosexual...
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