Topics: Marriage, Family, English-language films Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: July 13, 2013
Anna Ford
Mrs. Garcia
English 205/5nd period
19, February, 2009

A wedding is a ceremony in which two persons are united in a marriage. Many couples marry each other to spend the rest of their life with one another. Weddings are often a religious ceremony that unites two people in a secret way. Traditions are an important trait for families through the celebrations of symbolic meanings of weddings, its festivilies and the changes that are found over generations, which brings families closer together.

Symbolism is a common word that people might use in many ways and many meanings, it can serve as a visible symbol for something abstract or it can always be vise versa. Let’s say that when you were small your grandmother who has passed away grant you a necklase who has been passed by over years the meaning behind it is to keep it, and well to keep the chain going. But what I am refering in this essay is the symbolic meaning behind a wedding. A wedding symbolizes a new life, a new chapter and the love that the couples have for each other. Many people marry each other in churches which tells you the respect they have for god, and through his eyes they would stick together through it all.

Further more the festivities come in place, in a wedding what you usually find would be its future wife’s dress, the rings, flowers, everything in white meaning purity and many more religious things. But in the one I attended it was completely different, it was at the beach not that big just a few family members really simple but it was beautiful. Usually weddings are big, some even have a little party afterwards everything seems joyful and exuberant, but this one wasn’t any different everything seemed so right and fair.

Over generations many things change, but I belive that in weddings it has all stayed the same. Maybe they have gotten better over the years, the decoration and many other stuff involving that. Till now I know the only thing that has changed has been...
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