Topics: Qur'an, Marriage, Hadith Pages: 3 (927 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Admittedly, a woman is a weaker sex and she has got to be given special protection in certain matters. Anthropologically, man is stronger and also different, which is also a biological truth

Iqbal says« µEk Zinda Haqiqat Mere Seene Mein Hai Mastoor, Ek Zinda Haqiqat Mere SeeneMein Hai Mastoor, Kya Jaanega Woh Jiske Ragon Main Hai Lahoo Sard, Kya Janega Woh JiskeRagon Main Hai Lahoo Sard, Na parda Na Taleem, Nai Ho Ke Purani, Nisfaniyat E Zan Ka NigeBaan Hai Faqat Mard, Jis Kaum Ne Zinda Haqi Jis Qaum Ne Is Zinda Haqiqat Ko Na Paya,Us Qaum Ka Kursheed Bahut Jald Huwa Zard¶

The nation which has not realised this truth, a living truth lies deep into my heart. It is not for those whose senses are frozen. It is neither veil nor education new or old. The protector of the dignity of women is man alone. A nation which has not discovered this truth, its sun is bound to fade away

According to the Oxford dictionary, µWomen¶s Rights are the rights, that promote a position of social and legal equality, of women to men¶

µModernising¶, according to the Oxford dictionary means, µto make modern, to adapt to modernneeds or habits¶.

And according to the Webster¶s dictionary it means« µTo make modern, or to give a newcharacter or appearance ± e.g., to modernise ones ideas¶

In short, modernising is a process of updating or opting for the betterment of the present statusitself ± It is not the present modern status itself.

There are different Muslim societies ± Some may be close to Islam, some may be far away fromIslamThe µWomen¶s rights in Islam¶ should judged according to the authentic sources, and not whatindividual Muslims do, or what the Muslim society does.The authentic sources of Islam, are the Qur¶an, which is the word of God, and the authenticSunnah, and the traditions of our beloved Prophet (may peace be upon him)

An adult Muslim woman can own, she can dispose or disown any of her property withoutconsulting any one, irrespective whether she is married...
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