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Reliance Insurance Company, now officially known as Reliance Insurance Company [in Liquidation], was founded in Philadelphia in 1817. In October 2005, Reliance Insurance Company had taken place in India. Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited is an associate company of reliance - Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group. Reliance Capital Limited is one of India’s leading private sectors. Reliance capital has interests in an asset management and mutual funds, stock broking, life and general insurance’ proprietary investments’ private equity and other activities in financials service. Reliance Group also has presence in Communications, Energy, Natural + interests. Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd. is fast emerging as one of the biggest general insurance companies in India. The company offers over 95 insurance products for both corporate and individual customers. The distribution network of Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd. extends 200 branch offices spread across 172 cities in 22 states in India. furnishes information on Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd. Risks Covered by Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd.: Reliance General Insurance offers coverage for all the accidental happenings, producing monetary loss or loss of life. It also includes risks of an individual, or a group. Reliance General Insurance offers coverage in case of: •Financial loss of the insured

Measurable or tangible monetary loss
Legal object of the insurance contract
Advantages of Insuring with Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd.: Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd offers you a number of advantages. furnishes information on Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd. Some of the advantages of using Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd are •Speedy claims settlement through country wide reach

Free towing facility for insured vehicles in case of an accident in all metropolitan cities in India •Cashless claims settlement in preferred garages of the policy holder. •Reliance General Insurance Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd has tie-ups with leading TPAs and hospitals offering cashless facilities, ensuring hassle free returns •Easy and prompt E - intimation facility

Claim Procedure in Reliance General Insurance:
The policy holder needs to know the claim process and the different kinds of insurance. furnishes information on Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd. Claim Procedure in Reliance General Insurance falls into three broad categories: * Theft claims

* Own damage claims
* Third party claim
Information Required for Claiming Policy at Reliance General Insurance: The insurer or policy holder needs to provide the following details, when he or she is claiming for insurance. * Full name of the Insured

* the contact details of the policy holder
* Policy number
* Nature of loss
* Place of loss or accident site (in case of accident)
* Contact details of insured person (if in case the person intimating the claim is not insured)

Insurance is a specialized type of contract. It is an agreement between two parties one party is insurance company who takes the insurance of other party known as insured party. Premium is consideration of

Contract of the insurance. The insurer issues a document in writing in the name of the insured which is called policy. It includes terms and conditions of the insurance contract. The insurer has to pay a certain amount to the insured, if uncertain event takes place after taking the insurance and before the expiry of the policy NEEDS FOR INSURANCE:-

Human life is a full of uncertainty and therefore ,there is a need for insurance if there no uncertainty there is no need for insurance .If one can predict the forthcoming dangers ,he can take a proper action and face the crisis . However, death, disaster and dangers cannot be predicted and hence the insurance is needed. Insurance does not protect the assets....
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