Relief Pitcher Averages

Topics: Baseball, Relief pitcher, Pitcher Pages: 3 (936 words) Published: July 19, 2012
Starting Pitchers vs. Relief Pitchers
American baseball player Wes Westrum once stated that “Baseball is like church: many attend, but few understand.” The game of baseball requires patience, and above all precision. The biggest component of precision is the pitcher. Pitchers are generally the most important player in the game. Most do not understand the enormity of the role that a pitcher has. They control the tempo of the game, the number of hits, and are there to prevent the opponent from getting a run. In a game, there are two types of pitchers: the starting pitcher and the relief pitcher. The major differences between these players are stress on the players, arm care, rest, and the financial gain. Starting pitchers in the MLB are generally a more consistent type of athlete. They must be able to pitch the length of a major league game, which is nine innings. They have more strikeouts and innings pitched than a relief pitcher and do not throw as hard as a relief pitcher. Relief pitchers are very temperamental and are not as consistent as starting pitchers. They do however undergo more pressure than a starting pitcher because of the fact that the only reason a relief pitcher would go in to a game would be to make up for the starting pitcher's mistakes.A starting pitcher makes a lot more money than a relief pitcher because a starter is expected to throw more innings but in fewer games. A reliever is expected to throw in consecutive games with little to no rest. A starter acquires up to 5 days rest before pitching his next game. Relievers are expected to do a certain job, against certain types of hitters. A starting pitcher should be able to throw to all hitters and be able to challenge them in any pitch count, and throw to precise locations in the plate against big hitters (power hitters). Some relievers that are left handed throwers, are expected to be able to get one or two outs in an inning and then be removed and replaced. These pitchers are special...
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