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Topics: Requirements analysis, Software Requirements Specification, Requirement Pages: 5 (1290 words) Published: March 3, 2011
Nothing concrete can be achieved without an optimal combination of inspiration and perspiration. No work can be accomplished without taking the guidance of the experts. It is only the views and advice from ingenious intellectual that help in the transformation of a product into a quality product.

We owe my sincere gratitude to Mr. Amit Yadav, our honorable project guide. Last but not the least, no acknowledgement will be complete without mentioning our parents. They have also supported us throughout the development project. INDEX

1. Introduction
2. Software Requirement Specification
3. Software / Hardware Requirement
4. Data Flow Diagram
5. E-R Diagram
6. Coding
7. Execution
8. Testing & Debugging
9. Appendix
10. Conclusion
11. Implementation
12. Maintenance
13. Bibliography
Management of any departmental store is a very difficult task. Departmental store is an attempt to computerize the day to day activities of store. It is designed to help the store to perform daily duties and transaction with ease. Members’ satisfaction is the foremost priority of the system.

After a detailed study of the existing system, it is evident that it does not fulfil the objectives of the organization. It is require to have a computerized information system with the help of which all tasks can be processed more accurately & quickly. To achieve this it is necessary to design & develop a new system which will have benefits, over existing system

The generation of reports in the proposed system will take minimum time & they are electronically prepared. As a result, it is highly accurate. It will be easy for the users of the system to compile information at a very high pace, measure the performance over a period & draw conclusion from the information retrieved by using the proposed system. As new information are being added to & released from other respective courses every year. It will be highly used friendly to track & maintaining presentation of all the students. The system is such that is stand up to the user expectation like easy and faster retrieval f information. The system is very easy to learn & understand. A native user will be able to use the system effectively. Information being prepare of electronically can be said as accurate which is first and foremost condition for taking a crucial decision by the management. Work carried out by a staff at various stages will be loss time consuming. Besides this, the proposed system will have the following capabilities. SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT SPECIFICATION

System Analysis
System Analysis refers to the process of examining a situation with the intent of improving it through better process and methods. System analysis is, therefore, the process of gathering and interpreting facts, diagnosing problem and using the information to recommend information in system or in other words, it means a detailed explanation or description. Before computerizing a system under consideration, it has to be analyzed. We need to study how it function currently, what are problems and what are requirements that proposed should meet.

The main components of making software are :
1. System and software requirements analysis.
2. Design and implementation of software.
3. Ensuring verifying and maintaining software integrity.
Information Gathering
The team paid a visit at the site to have a smell of existing system. All relevant personal were consulted and no information was over-looked. The strategy consisted of: 1. Identify information sources.

2. Revolving a method of obtaining a information from identified source. 3. Using an information from module of organization.
Information Sources
The main sources of information were:
1. Users of the system
2. Presentations an documents using organization
3. Prospectus, manuals and the rulebooks, which specify how various activities are carried out in the organization.
4. Computer Presentation of existing system.
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