Reliance Box Case Study

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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A case study
Reliance Box Industries Ltd.

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Mr.K.M Golam Muhiuddin
Department of Accounting & Information Systems
University of Chittagong.

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Group: “T”

|Roll | Name | |15039 |Md. Fakhrul Abedin Chowdhury (leader) | |15036 |Md. Sharif Ahmed | |15037 |S.M. Saiful Alam | |15038 |Mohammed Towhidul Amin | |15095 |Md. Rezaul Islam |

A case study
Reliance Box Industries Ltd.

Corrugated cartoon Box is a type of packet used for packaging export oriented products. It is a paper made cartoon box prepared by craft linear paper & media paper with silicate gum, master gum, paints etc. The raw-materials are mostly imported from abroad such as Kraft linear paper is imported from Korea, silicate gum & master gum is imported from Thailand.

Packaging is an important part for any kind of product. Packaging is an effective tool for preservation, provision of product information, marketing and distribution of goods. It plays an important role in local and international trade with the export growth, particularly Ready Made Garment (RMG) and frozen food export of packaging goods.

Increase in demand for goods both for local and export markets will have a proportionate growth for packaging. To keep pace of the RMG sector and other export oriented sector, packaging sector is going up by leaps and bounds to cater to the needs of...
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