Reliability Engineering

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Reliability Engineering


Reliability Engineering
• What is Reliability Engineering? • Role of Reliability Engineering (Technical Support) • Reliability Engineering Activities – Maintenance Prevention – LCC Analysis – Proactive Maintenance (FPA, RCFA, Specification for New/Rebuilt Equipment, etc.) – Capital Equipment Replacement – Economic Evaluation/Justification Analysis in R&M Investments • Other Analytical Techniques for Improvement • Elements of a Reliability Improvement System 2


What is Reliability?
• “The RELIABILITY of an item/system is the probability that the item/system performs a specified function under specified operational and environmental conditions at and throughout a specified time.” Quantitatively, reliability is the probability of success. Usually expressed as Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) • “A collection of planned activities (established through formal and informal management systems) that are effectively working together to prevent loss of system function.” This second definition is a managed approach to maintain the reliability of system functions. Both definitions refer to the system and maintaining the functionality of the system


• Maintainability: The ability of an item, under stated conditions of use, to be retained in, or restored to, a state in which it can perform its required function(s), when maintenance is performed under stated conditions and using prescribed procedures and resources. Expressed as Mean Time To Repair (MTTR). • Availability: Is the probability that a system is available for use at a given time- a function of reliability and maintainability. It is operating time divided by load time, which is the available time per day minus the planned downtime . • Failure: The termination of the ability of an item to perform its required function. 4


Inherent Availability

Inherent availability considers only corrective maintenance in an ideal support environment (with neither administrative nor logistic delays. When equipment is in a failed state it is no longer available for work, and its reliability decreases. As the length of time in a failed state (downtime ) increases, the maintainability of the equipment decreases. 5

Emerging Strategies for Maintenance Management
Concurrent Engineering Equipment Effectiveness and Reliability Reliability Engineering Operator Maintenance Diagnostics

Predictive Maintenance Systematic planning and scheduling Preventive Maintenance

Inspect, lubricate Repair after failure









Source: Uptime, Productivity Inc.



What is Reliability Engineering?
• Focuses on eliminating maintenance requirements. • Utilizes technology analysis to achieve reliability and maintenance task improvements. • Improves the uptime and productive capacity of critical equipment using formalized problem-solving techniques


Important Aspects of Reliability Engineering
1. Current knowledge of predictive, analytical, and compliance technologies, and the ability to apply these techniques to add value to the firm. 2. The adaptation and application of concepts such as TPM and RCM. 3. The development and implementation of a proactive M&R plan(s) to eliminate maintenance requirements, minimize the use and costs of reactive maintenance, maximize the benefits of PM and PdM, and achieve increasing levels of integrated asset management. 4. The ability to lead or technically support multidisciplinary teams. 5. During design, advises other engineers on reliability (prediction) for their systems and tactics to improve reliability such as redundancy, parts 8 derating, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, etc.


Important Aspects of Reliability Engineering (Cont.)
6. During design, participates in trade-off studies among performance, cost, and reliability. Reliability estimates are a key input to Life Cycle Costing (LCC) 7. During...
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