Reliability and Validity of the Bible

Topics: Bible, Biblical studies, Biblical archaeology Pages: 4 (1186 words) Published: January 29, 2013
The Reliability and Validity of the Bible

One of the most current controversial topics in modern day times is the validity of the Bible. How can one know if the content is to be trusted and is real? As an extremely important religious text that many take to heart and live by on a day to day basis, it is imperative that the information in the Bible is reliable and true. In order to verify the validity of the information in the Bible, it is important to look into the past and study history.

Many archeologists around the world make it their goal to study the historical context of the Bible. They will dig in certain areas mentioned in order to look for tangible evidence that the places and stories mentioned in the Bible actually exist. In recent times, some archeologists have claimed to have found the body of Jesus, his wife, and even children.[1] While this is not completely certain to be true, some archeological digs have been successful in finding cultural items dating back to biblical times and uncovering many fascinating items that match up with the Bible’s telling.[2] It is difficult to distinguish between what is real and what is being made a mockery, due to how conflicted these views are. There are books written (such as The Da Vinci Code) that include fictitious information.[3] This information leads to questioning Christian beliefs and values. Many people who believe that the Bible’s information is not true have been led to believe that by sources outside of the Bible itself, as well as false interpretations and common misconceptions. Among these is the idea that since the Bible has been translated and is so old, it must have been mistranslated and changed. This has been proven to be false as the most current version of the Bible has been compared to the oldest manuscripts found (The Dead Sea scrolls)- and found to be nearly exactly the same. The only real differences were majorly the style it was written in and small synonyms for words.[4]...
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