Reliability and Validity of Selection Process

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  • Published : April 9, 2010
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People and money are the two key resources for an organization. ‘Human beings are the lifeblood of any enterprise. They are the company’s most vital asset’ (Plumbley, 1976). Recruitment and selection have been the important human resource functions of an organization which are been thought of matching process between applicants and enterprises. Selection process begins as the job advertisement and receiving the reply from the applicant or some unsolicited enquiries. In order to catch the suitable candidates and obtain the right person for the job, HR should make a series of obstacles to eliminate applicants from the contention. For example, application forms, tests and interviews can evaluate the applicants’ skills, abilities, relative to the job and so on. To judge the effectiveness of any stage of selection process, two statistical concepts have been of particular importance, Reliability and Validity.

An organisation has two key resources, people and money.. Recruitment and Selection comprise the important HR functions of the organization and should be thought of as a matching process. Selection commences as soon as the applicant responds to an advertisement or makes an unsolicited enquiry. One way to look at the selection process is to view it as a series of obstacles that applicants must clear in order to obtain the job. Each successive obstacle eliminates some applicants from contention. For example, applicant skills can be evaluated through application forms, interviews, tests, and reference checks, letters of recommendation or reference, and physical examinations. To judge the effectiveness of any selection technique two statistical concepts have been of particular importance, Reliability and Validity. We are going to examine briefly these two key factors and how they influence the process of selection of staff in this essay.

Reliability is the consistency of measurement, or the degree to which an instrument measures the same way each time it is used...
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