Relevance of Shakespeare’s Plays to the Modern Day Audience

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  • Published : October 17, 2012
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Time less plots, compelling stories, strong female characters and a wide range of human emotions engage and captivate audiences. In addition Shakespeare had a major effect on the English language. The timeless plots of Shakespeare’s work are always compelling and never seem to grow “out of time” or get uncool. This demonstrates how we still manage to relate to the characters in plays even after all these years. As a result Shakespeare’s plays have always been very popular because the storylines are still relevant to humans today. The key success of Shakespeare’s plays is due to the way he describes the emotions of his characters and the passion, love and hatred they have for each other. We can all relate to these emotions, which makes the play more enjoyable. Considering the way Shakespeare uses emotion to get us feeling sorry for a character or hating another character it is unsurprising that people feel a connection to Shakespeare’s characters. The audience also enjoys Shakespeare’s plays because of the strong female characters, which women can either relate to or look up too. Shakespeare’s use of women in his plays was very strange for his times but it isn’t now which makes them more relevant to our audience compared to Shakespeare’s original audience. Through his amazing technique of explaining the emotions of his characters, Shakespeare had a great effect on the English language. Shakespeare used a lot of metaphors and similes in his plays and poems, which opened our minds to all the possibility’s there are with comparison. Overtime Shakespeare’s plays have been enjoyed time and time again, they are relevant to us now because of the human emotions that are portrayed through Shakespeare’s characters. The plays will continue to be loved because of their interesting language, strong complex characters and their ability to reach out and get the audience relating to the emotions being described.
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